The C6Y6P6HER - Premieres This Fall !!!!! The Story Continues…3 Months Later & Eric Lee (Kevin Marc) is still incarcerated & the investigation gets deeper as the east coast law enforcement are on a mission to find these talented rappers but things are not what they seem to be & everything you thought you’ve known is not what you think ! This suspense thriller short film lasting approx. 45mins
 long will unfold a demented story right in front your eyes, Brain fucking your every thought ! Leaving you mindless & in disbelief. Staring: Kevin Marc, Pete Koiva, Mayra Velez, Young Ty & more.Premieres this fall with a unbelievable line up of rappers from all over the coast. Rappers:1. Mic Kurb2. King Louie The Third 3. Naledge 4. Mike Flowz5. TazZ6. Wisdom Gully7. KJ8. JT9. Roog10. E-Magine11. Future Allah12. Frenzy 13. Dada14. Details15. Lux Official16. Bugz17. Janae A.18. Stress19. PIIE20. MoBudda21. Capella Rose22. Snoozey23. vCAPOCv24. Thomas Frank White25. Sippy26. Haze P27. VeezOfTheFuture28. Transmu(H)dane29. J. ApolloMovie poster created by: Kevin Rivera - KLRKContact him for any graphic designs/photoshoot/video interviews + more.
Having A Good Time On Set For Cypher 3 (Group #3).
Baby Me Bawhahahaha Being MESSY!
Me & My Grandmother 
Me & Piie 
Outta Space Music Video 
EPIC Kevin Marc